What We Need


We currently have over 600 children ages 0-18 in protective care in the six counties we represent as of 2017. With our Volunteers number just over twenty, we’ve had to make some difficult sacrifices on how many children we can represent and it’s those children who pay the price for our lack of resources. We’ve had to stop representing teenagers and choose which cases will receive a Volunteer Guardian based on the age of the children and the severity of the case.


In order to raise awareness and recruit these Volunteers, we need to make ourselves available to the public with informative forums, presentations, booths, and event attendance. Sponsors can potentially help every neglected and abused child in protective care gain representation by financing our advertising campaign, sponsoring a booth or event, or even sponsoring a full-time Guardian.

A Volunteer Guardian takes on one to two cases at a time, which means they can represent between one to ten children.


Donors can also play their part in providing more up-to-date and effective office equipment and supplies, toys and goodies for kids in our care, money to finance our recruiting initiative, or your time.

Even if we add one more Guardian to our pool, that’s one more child or sibling group who gets the help, representation, and the friend they deserve during, perhaps, the most difficult time of their life.

Helping Abused Children in the Idaho Court System

3rd District Guardian ad Litem depends largely on individual, community, group and corporate donations to continue our mission. Our funding partners’ invaluable contributions enable our organization to provide vital support to the Guardian ad Litem Program and local foster care children. If you would like to donate to abused children in Idaho by helping provide them with a guardian voice in the dependency court system, please click here.

Community Partners

We are currently visiting our community leaders. If you are interested in hearing our presentation, please contact Merrin Packer.

Merrin Packer

Recruitment Specialist

Caldwell, Idaho

Office:   (208) 459-9969

FAX:      (208) 459-9929

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